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About the company

Lap of Luxury Pet Sitting offers Daily Visits and Overnight Stays. We understand that every pet and pet owner has different needs. We are here to assist you. Please call us for information - all of our services include: Pet Waste Removal, Newspaper and Mail Retrieval, Lighting Adjustments, Blinds and Curtain Adjustments, Plant Care, Trash Collection, and much more.


For bookings, please call: 602-363-5706, or contact us by e-mail at:

Meet & Greet:


Your pet sitter will come to you. This visit gives us a chance to meet each other and discuss your pet sitting needs.

Butler Service

(Daily Visits, Dog Walking): Pet Sitting at it's finest!

Do you have a young puppy, active pet, special needs pet, or an older pet? Working all day, working late, errands, sporting activities? We understand that every family has different needs. Whatever your pet sitting needs are, whenever your needs are, Lap of Luxury Pet Sitting is here to assist you. With our "Butler Service", your personal Pet Sitter wil provide love, exercise, food, and medication (if needed) when you can't be there.

Turn Down Service

(Overnight, In-Home Pet & House Sitting): Pet and Home Care by a Professional Pet Sitter

Your furry family member(s) can relax in the comfort of your home while being waited on hand and paw! In addition to your pet staying in the luxury of his/her own home, you can also be comfortable knowing that your Pet Sitter is also caring for your home. We will never have signage on our clothing or vehicles to ensure that we do not advertise that you are away. Overnight stays will be customized to fill the needs of you and your pet. your loving pet sitter will provide her own necessities and will care for your pet and your home based on your instructions.

We are here to provide you and your pet(s) with the best care. We have extensive knowledge on pet behavior and needs, both physical and emotional.

* Medications administered at no additional charge

* Extra care for young, elderly, or special needs pets

* Daily detailed reports on our visits

* Toe Nail Trimming (a small charge)

* Certified in Pet CPR


For bookings, please call: 602-363-5706, or contact us by e-mail at: